COVID Updates and Mandatory QR Code

The government just announced the gradual opening for the last quarter of the year, there were several changes announced which you can find below in our summary of the press conference.

Sanitary Vehicle restriction

Sanitary Vehicle Restriction Explainer Tables

Sanitary Vehicle Restriction Explainer Tables


From October 16 to October 31, the sanitary vehicle restriction will be from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. from Monday to Sunday and commercial establishments may operate with the same schedule.



November restriction change was also announced,  however Daniel Salas, Health Minister, explained that this will happen according to the evolution of the pandemic:

  • November 15, the daytime restriction on weekends would be eliminated.
  • Night restriction would start at 11 p.m.

The changes’ implementation depend on the epidemiological evolution as well.

  • Vehicular circulation from Monday to Sunday from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and the sanitary vehicle restriction for plates during the week would only be in the area known as the ring road.

Mandatory QR Code

As of December 1st, it will be mandatory to show your QR code (COVID-19 vaccination certificate) to enter the following establishments:

1. Restaurants, sodas, cafeterias, food courts and food trucks.
2. Bars and casinos.
3. General stores, department stores and shopping centers.
4. Museums.
5. Fitness centers.
6. Hotels, cabins or hospitality establishments.
7. Spas.
8. Activities, organizations or congregations in places of worship.
9. Event rooms for business, academic or social activities.
10. Adventure tourism.
11. Theaters, cinemas, art and dance academies, and artistic activity establishments.
12. Sports activities establishments.

The QR code will be available on Monday, November 8, through the site:

It was explained that internet service won’t be necessary to verify the code, and it can be printed if for any reason you cannot use the digital format.

If you already have the previous certification, as of November you can access the site and get the new version, which was created with international security standards under the new parameters that the European Union is using.

How to download it?

People who have already received their certificate should only enter again the link sent to their email, and place the assigned pin, and your certificate will be updated with the new safety standards.

Those who have forgotten or misplaced their pin can retrieve it on the same website.

If you completed your two-dose vaccination schedule more than 8 days ago and have not received your COVID-19 vaccination certificate in your email (after checking your spam folder), you can request it here.

The issuance of the certificate takes an average of 10 business days, however, those requests for certification of vaccines placed outside the country may take a little longer, taking into account the review of the documentation submitted.

Those who received their vaccine outside the country can request their certificate via email to the Minister of Health, by submitting an affidavit and the vaccination card.


In November and December, tourists who enter the country with a full vaccination scheme won’t have to present a medical policy, just as it is now.

Capacity Updates

  • Trains: Standing capacity according to the type of wagon (Apolo 29 people, conventional 9 people and new units with 102 people).
  • Buses: 15 people standing.
  • Social events: 100 people (without vaccination scheme) or 200 people with full vaccination scheme.
  • Academic, business and church events: 500 people.
  • Culture pilot plan in Parque Viva: November 6 2,500 people with a complete vaccination scheme.
  • Bars, restaurants, casinos and shops: 50% capacity
  • Hotels over 100 rooms: 100% capacity. Common areas 50%.
  • Beaches: hours extended, open from Monday to Sunday from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 pm.
  • NOVEMBER 15: Sports and cultural activities in establishments with a sanitary operating license (SOL): capacity 25% of the total capacity (complete vaccination scheme).
  • Buses: 20 people standing.
  • Social events: 200 people with a complete vaccination scheme.
  • Sports, cultural, academic and worship activities, in establishments with SOL: 30% of the total capacity or a maximum of 500 people maintaining distance and using masks, and with a complete vaccination scheme.
  • The operation of the Amusement Park would be authorized, with a capacity of 50% (5000 people) and compliance with the specific protocol.
  • Bars, restaurants, shops and casinos: 75% capacity, with a complete vaccination scheme.
  • The option of carrying out sports activities on public roads would be enabled.

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