June 1 Comes With a Change on Sanitary Measures in Costa Rica

By Laura Alvarado – May 30, 2020 Costa Rica Star


Monday, June 1st, Costa Rica enters phase three of its sanitary measures, these will be in place through June 19 and will apply for the entire country. More businesses will be allowed to operate, especially on the weekends

For now, the daily and nightly vehicular transit restrictions remain the same for weekdays and weekends based upon license plate numbers.

Hotels and lodging facilities in general can now open to the public to a maximum 50% of their capacity; up until now only small boutique hotels of no more than 20 rooms had been allowed to

Restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, gyms and swimming schools will be allowed to open during the weekends now maintaining a maximum capacity of 50%.Museums and art academies (with no direct contact/interactive) can resume operations from Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. and without exceeding 50% of their capacity. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Special tourism transportation can resume as long as they maintain sanitary measures established by the Public Transportation Council and they attend the restrictions that apply to them.

Current border restrictions prohibiting foreigners from entering Costa Rica continue through June 30.

Tourists who entered Costa Rica after December 17 have been granted an extension of stay until August 18.

Public institutions will continue working with a basic operation plan and work from home measures. The government has authorized a 4 day 10 hours a day work week with the possibility of having Monday or Friday off.

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