A Page Turns for Costa Rica Discovered



   REMAX TRES AMIGOS, REMAX PRESTIGE OCEAN PROPERTIES, and REMAX OCEAN VILLAGE were founded by Michael Simons and Chris Simmons starting back in 2003 – 17 years ago. Seventeen years is a considerable amount of time, but time flies by, especially in paradise. On the other hand, seventeen years is a long time to be affiliated with a large ever-changing global corporation. Since that time, the three franchises have grown at a great rate with a few hiccups due to the downturns in the world economy over the past years. But the REMAX groups have always persisted and have been the most successful real estate companies in the Papagayo region in Costa Rica throughout these past 17 years.

However, times change, people change, and companies change. As of last Wednesday, September 2, 2020, REMAX and Michael and Chris have mutually agreed to part company. So, the page of life turns and the same top notch former REMAX team of agents now will become known as TRES AMIGOS REALTY with offices in Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama. All current agents have decided to remain with the TRES AMIGOS REALTY group and will be here to treat you with dignity and class. So, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can still expect the same excellent results from our team committed to integrity, honesty and great service.  Everyone at TRES AMIGOS REALTY has the desire to help you in locating the perfect property, buying the perfect property and assisting you after you purchase your perfect property. Sellers can expect the same great service in assisting them in selling their property at a fair market value. Our agents will be yours for life with no expiration date!

We at Costa Rica Discovered Real Estate look forward to a continued great relationship with TRES AMIGOS REALTY and to what the exciting changes will bring in the future.  We know Michael and the team of agents will have some great new ideas for making TRES AMIGOS REALTY even more successful.


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