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Since many of you are property owners it becomes highly important to declare every 5 years, at the Municipality, the value of your properties according to the location.

The importance of this declaration is:

  1. First:  avoid any penalties and fines.
  2. Second: gives you the opportunity to set the base value in which your property taxes will be calculated from that moment on.
  3.  Third:  avoid that option that the Municipality has, on making  an appraisal, and set the value on their own.

Be aware that according to the law there are automatically declarations, for example:

  1. Construction Building Permits: When you file a building permits, the engineer must declare the value of the construction itself as well as the value of the land, therefore the value is automatically up graded by the Municipality.
  1. Recent purchase of the property: If the property was purchase recently and it was declared in the Municipality the new owner, the purchase price of the closing recorded in the National Registry will automatically update the value.
  1. Recent Mortgage Inscription: If there is a recent mortgage has been filed as a collateral, the mortgage value will be also automatically update your property value.
  1. Segregations or property subdivisions: When a property has been subdivided or segregated, during this legal process each of the new lots will be assigned a new value, therefore it will automatically update the property value.

If your property has been automatically declared, you will be fine for the next 5 years, since the automatically declaration was made.
However, if you are not in these cases, we highly recommend you declare the property value and that way to avoid fines and penalties and over payments, especially during this moment when saving is a must.
Please take in consideration that every case is separate, so if you are interested in declaring and saving, contact us at your earliest convenience at:

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