The Costa Rican Digital Nomad Bill has been signed into Law! 


Earlier this week, the long-awaited Digital Nomad bill was signed into law by President Chavez, with moderations to make it easier for remote workers to apply. While the initial bill was signed into law in August 2021 by then-President Carlos Alvarado, it needed some fine-tuning for implementation, and months passed while various ministries disagreed about how to proceed. 

Now, the new Chaves administration seems to have resolved the issues of excessive regulations regarding the bill by scrapping many of them. These regulations were being heavily criticized that they would hinder the process instead of encouraging remote workers to apply. With the new bill moderations, remote workers will be able to get their applications completed online and according to the Department of Immigration, have approval within two weeks.

To be eligible for the Digital Nomad Visa, remote workers must have a monthly income of $3,000 (or $4,000 for families). If approved, they can stay in Costa Rica for up to a year and extend for one more if they wish to do so. The Visa exempts them from paying income tax or duties on any work-related equipment (like laptops) they need to perform their job. 

It is expected that the finalized, full bill will be published in La Gazeta within the next few days and then will be open to receive applications from remote workers. 

Remote workers and digital nomads play a vital role in fostering entrepreneurship around the world. They will be a boom to Costa Rica’s local economy and we’ll benefit from not only the money spent locally but the spurring innovation and collaboration that remote workers can infuse their surroundings with.

The new Visa will also have a positive impact on Real Estate as remote workers can truly get a feel for what life in Costa Rica is like and have ample time to investigate investment opportunities. 

Let’s hope that the application process does open shortly and that we start welcoming remote workers with the new Visa shortly!

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