Tilapias Angel Bijagua de Upala


A nice day yesterday as we drove with friends from the beaches of Playas del Coco and Playa Hermosa to the beautiful mountain town of Bijagua.  A nice 1 ½ hour drive from the beaches to the cooler wetter climate of the mountains at about 550 meters above sea level.   The beaches have been dry this year but not the mountains.  Bijagua is a beautiful green jewel  set between the Tenorio Volcano and Miravalles Volcano (both are dormant).  Bijagua is the gateway to the beautiful Rio Celeste Waterfall and river in Tenorio National  Park.  So if you plan a day to hike to see Rio Celeste, plan for a stop at this great little restaurant.    You can actually catch your lunch right out of the tilapia ponds that are mixed in with the beautiful landscaped property.  A great playground is there as well for the kids. Overall a great little restaurant adventure for the whole family.  The restaurant is very busy on weekends so keep that in mind if you plan a trip. They cook the tilapia “Tico-Style” which means they are deep fried whole.  Don’t worry – the  healthy benefits of the tilapia off-set the deep frying process.

The final product ! 

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