Yearly Obligations and Duties Before the Tax and Municipal Authorities in Costa Rica

January 12, 2022

Thank you Dentons Munoz for the friendly reminders. 


All entities registered in Costa Rica either as active or inactive must comply with yearly obligations and duties before the tax and municipal authorities. These obligations impose filings that must be conducted in certain times during the year.

Some mandatory obligations to remember for all entities during 2022 are:

31st January. Payment of Corporate Tax & Education Stamp.

15th March. Filing of Income Tax Declaration (form 101) Income Tax Payers and Simplify Income Tax Statement (form 101) for inactive entities.

30th April. Filing or renewal of the Ultimate Beneficiaries Declaration.

Additionally, on December 2021, the tax authority issued a new resolution indicating that all entities registered in Costa Rica as inactive must file a Simplify Income Tax Statement (form 101), instead of the Patrimony Declaration that was enacted by DGT – R-075-2019, but its entry into force was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.This new declaration requires all entities to update their business domicile, legal representatives and contact information before the tax authority.All entities must file such declaration by March 15th, 2022.

Other obligations to take into account:

March 30th.Payment of Real Estate Taxes.

January 15th. Declaration of the Luxury Homes Tax applicable to houses worth over USD 205,000 (approximately).

15th day of each month. Monthly payment of Value-Added Tax for services and sales.

March 2022.Yearly mandatory shareholders meeting approving balance and results of each entity.

Please kindly advise whether you will need help from Dentons Muñoz to complete the above listed obligations. Our team could help you and ensure deadlines are met avoiding potential penalties.

In the future, we will send reminders to ensure that you company completes de tasks successfully.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Corporate Compliance team at [email protected]

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